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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Weekend with The Very Most (part II)

As promised, here's the next chapter of our recount of the days spent in Boise, Idaho, visiting our friend and indiepop genius Jeremy Jensen, aka The Very Most. We ended part I of this special double post with the rehearsal at Jeremy's house. After it was over, we quickly moved to downtown Boise to carry the equipment to the gig's venue. My first experience as a roadie was quite curious, learning two lessons: 1) Backstages are not very glamorous (at least the indiepop ones); 2) The loneliness of the self-made man artist is blatantly evident (only indiepop artists?). Still, after a quick dinner and a very awkward act prior to TVM (the night's line-up had four bands/artists scheduled), and some tension because a couple of band members didn't show up until the very last minute, it was finally time for Jeremy and Co. to pack the stage (I mean it, six-seven musicians on such a tiny place). Aww! I've been waiting so long to write this!

The Very Most. The Crux, Boise, August 24th 

TVM's on stage. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Yes, I know that Jeremy wasn't very happy about the gig, frustrated by how they sounded and some coordination issues. And yes, I'm the first to agree that seven tunes aren't enough to have even a little hint of such a wonderful career represented live. Not with the amount of songs "our man" can offer. At all. But how can one aspire to be really objective when a gig starts being publicly dedicated to you and your girlfriend?  

Man on duty. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
No let's get back to the "serious stuff" here. What can you say if the opening trio of tunes are "Today It Is Even Better", "We Don't Have Any Cuts to Waste" and "Good Fight Fighting"? Blink and you missed it. Hard to find a better start, with "Cuts to Waste" in particular revealing itself as a tremendous song live with this fierce and upfront version. While it might be truth the pace was speed-up a bit during the whole set, I don't think that until the final number, the joyful "Congrizzle 4evzz", presented by Jeremy as "their danceable hit", that meant a sounding issue.   

Two more rescues from the unmissable "A Year With The Very Most" (one of these records that should be in every indiepop collector shelf), "The Motor-Vu Lights" and "When Summer Finally Dies" where followed by another favourite, "Changed Me", from the magnificent "Ununiversalizable Us" EP, allowing the female-male voices shine live, before the rousing finale with "Congrizzle 4evzz". Too short, sure (not even 40 minutes), but as intense and lovable as expected. Which made the last band of the night pale by comparison. Hearing them after TVM didn't make sense to any of us (think on The Fray meeting The Lumineers, or on every chapter's "Grey's Anatomy" epic song and you'll understand why we ran from the place). Another day was expecting us. 

Bloodbuzzed & TVM in McCall.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Sunday was reserved to visit the touristic and picturesque town of McCall, a two hour drive from Boise, which allowed us to "fill" the trip with endless talks about politics and oh surprise!, music. If you allow me to make a quick digression on the first issue, one of the worst things we, citizens (doesn't mind if you are from Spain or the United States) have done, is to forget WHY do we want/need politicians for, what are the reasons of giving them the power to take decisions for us. It's so gratifying to see Jeremy is an exception: he does remember perfectly. Anyway, between giant ice-creams, a soundtrack composed of Luna, McCarthy, The Go-Betweens, Aztec Camera or The Soft City among others, pleasant views of the Payette Lake even despite the smoky day (caused by the terrible fires devastating Yosemite National Park) and the unbeatable company, the journey was just lovely. Back home, and after discovering I have been missing Arrested Development for many years (something that must be solved as soon as I get back to Barcelona) it was time to close the day and, after saying 'til soon, early next morning (Jeremy back to work, us ready for several hours on the road again, towards Salt Lake City), also put the end of a great weekend, that I do hope is only an unforgettable chapter of a friendship that will provide many more stories to tell.

I do have one final question, though. Does anybody know why everywhere Jeremy goes The Beach Boys' music start playing?

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