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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Discoverer 69: new indie findings

Last round (and post) of new indie proposals before flying back home!

Eux Autres. Why took me so long to discover you? Born in Omaha but based in Portland, the Larimer brothers, Heather & Nicholas began their career a decade ago, with drummer Yoshi Nakamoto joining them since 2008. Three records, "Hell Is Eux Autres" (self-released, 2004), "Cold City" (Happy Happy Birthday To Me, 2007) and "Broken Bow" (Bons Mots, 2010) and a bunch (up to eight) of 7" and EPs (don't miss their last release to date, "Sunk Is Sunk", from 2012) conform a delicious career. Fire-powered pop, witty and pinching lyrics hidden behind candy-like vocals, plus an incredible talent to find the perfect melody, one after another. I've found a goldmine!  

The Death of Pop. Atlantic cross to meet Oliver & Angus James, a young duo from London, that despite their somber (ironic, don't panic) name are making of this 2013 a debut year to remember. Presenting quality songs since January (hurry, check their bandcamp), with two physical, highly collectible releases out, the "Tombola" cassette and "The Soundbox Record Player" EP, they define their sound as "janglegaze". Confused? Don't fear. Think on The Smiths meeting Wild Nothing, or a synthesized Robert Smith dreaming of jangling guitars played by Kevin Shields. Listen them and replace confusion for a genuine pop excitement.

Baby Island. Back to the States to meet this combo from Whidbey Island, Washington. Leaded by Eli Moore and joined by Mark Buzard and Nick Dubesa, they formed in 2010, with a self-titled album on 2012. This is a parallel project of Mr Moore, also known for being part, along with his wife Ashley Eriksson, who occasionally plays and sings on Baby Island, of the group LAKE. Moody without losing the infectious nature of pop (hear "Backwards and Forwards"), chilly without losing the close interaction with the listener any great music has (check "King's Cross") Baby Island only release to date is one of this little, (and sadly) rarely known gems awaiting for you.  

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