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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Weekend with The Very Most (part I)

It took me a little while, but here it is: the first part of the summary of an unforgettable weekend in Boise, three days with The Very Most! First I thought on focusing just on Saturday's gig, but then I changed my mind. Trying to bring you the most complete picture of these days is way more fun (its the first time I'm doing this sort of travel journalism so be kind with the writer)!

Introducing Boise's finest (views & musician)
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
We arrived to Boise on Friday afternoon, after a long drive through Oregon along Interstate 84 (don't miss the views of the Columbia river if you are able, mesmerizing) just in time (time zone mistake included) to finally meet Jeremy Jensen and his wonderful family and go dinner together. Took us just a matter of seconds to realise TVM's music and the person behind it are inseparable. As his tunes, Jeremy is shy & subtle, unpretentious and natural, warm, inviting, sweet and friendly. Talks about the differences between the States and Spain, the current politic situation and of course, music and more music began. Back home and after watching a pretty curious movie, "Jeff Who Lives at Home", the exciting first day was over. And the best was yet to come...

Nostalgic Jeremy strikes gold!.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Saturday morning was devoted to visit Boise's downtown, bursting with activity as they were celebrating their weekly street market, and of course, couldn't be any other way, "hunt" for some music. Heart's "Dog and Butterfly" (I know I know, but he said it was just for sentimental reasons, so we can forgive him) and Real Estate's masterpiece "Days" were the findings of the day. Call it coincidence if you like or the little homage of the record store, but why once Jeremy stood in The Beach Boys's songs started playing on the speakers? After a very funny family lunch that included purple fries (I'm not mad), Sarah Palin's dolls (I repeat, I'm not crazy) and candies that makes you speak with Irish accent or erase your memory if you don't want to remember (swear you can buy this) everything was ready for the final rehearsal, at Jeremy's living-room, prior to the night's gig.    

TVM's home rehearsal.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed 
Yeah, for a fan, a rehearsal or soundcheck can be very special. It has a sense of discovery, maybe because of the intimacy of the situation, being part of what's supposed to be a private moment. Maybe because of the feeling that songs can be deconstructed and re-built several times, that can sound very different each time the band plays. Like a mystery being revealed just in front of you, and it this case revealed exclusively to me. Can you imagine? The first time I hear such a fantastic song as "Good Fight Fighting" live is on Jeremy's house, after several takes and a couple of serious issues (oh the drums, the drums) that could have been dramatic without more time before the gig. And just when you don't expect it, here it comes, an incredibly perfect, shiny, mind-blowing rendition of the tune, heard just by the five musicians rehearsing and you (and Carla). Same goes to "When Summer Finally Dies". Or "We Don't Have Any Cuts to Waste". A privilege.

In part II... the gig, of course, and more!

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