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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stop Awful Covers 7

The tragedy continues and being honest, it doesn't get any better. I think this might be the worse chapter of the whole Awful Covers Series, regrettably. Don't know what's going on inside the heads of the musicians responsible of the following disasters. Please stop...

Dr. Dog: Wild Race EP
Panda Bears are cute, ok. But not combined with tacky fonts and cute additional imagery

Jets Overhead: Boredom and Joy
I easily see the boredom, its looks mightily and annoyingly pink, but where's the joy?

Titus Andronicus: Local Business
More boredom... now in red. Doesn't look like a very promising business

 Jason Lytle: Dept. of Disappearance
Leave the mountains and the album title. The rest can disappear for good

Ty Segall: Twins
Another fine example that artists shouldn't decide about their artwork when drunk or on drugs

The Bewitched Hand: Vampiric Way
One of my personal contenders for worst artwork of the year. Creepy, tacky, horrible colours...

Ms Mr: Candy Bar Creep Show
The artwork fits the album title... I do hope the music doesn't....

Here's my interpretation: the naked guy means freedom and joy, the lady means submission, and the bored again means boredom. That could be what the artwork wants to say about love? Well, no, that MY interpretation, because the cover doesn't mean anything

Death Grips: No Love Deep Web
Decided to put the original, uncensored version, because a penis is not the problem. The problem is that no-one would like to have an album with a cover like this at home because it's awful. That's not transgression, that's stupidity.

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