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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Taken", violence, absurdity and Liam Neeson


Dear Liam Neeson,

Why did you become involved in such a disgrace of a film? You are such a talented and respected actor, with an incredible screen presence... why? Oh why? There was no need for it. "Taken" is a ridiculous film, almost from start to finish. Excuse me, no, that's not accurate, Liam. It gets worse as the movie goes on... to unbelievable levels. Put it simple, is an atrocity. I just don’t get what you are doing on such an awful movie.

Because Liam, don’t you realize the only argument “Taken” has is you? Your presence? I'm amazed director Pierre Morel didn't care a bit about the words he put on your mouth, or about the excuse (usually defined as the plot) needed to justify an absurd and violent choreography of scenes. A bit less amazed (he’s not my favourite director precisely), but still puzzled on how Luc Besson co-wrote this script. Honestly, is there any?

Liam, I'm sorry to tell you that, I respect you too much, but I have seen Charles Bronson’s movies that are more consistent than “Taken”. I'm using Bronson’s reference due to the amount of violence the film has and the message, based on revenge, that reveals a quite scary ideology. Everything is justified in order to save your daughter. Even the killing of innocent people. I'm frightened you were interested in being involved in a film like this one. It also scares the hell out of me to think many critics have considered this movie entertaining... There's something wrong with you guys...

Anyway, you chose to get involved on the film, maybe you thought it was interesting, or challenging, to play such an “over-the-limits” role. But didn't you realise the whole story is simply ridiculous? You are a retired agent, have you counted how many people do you kill on the film? Just you, alone? Do you realise you almost run a marathon surrounding river Seine? How a single man can get away with that level of destruction without being prosecuted by French authorities? And how can you have such a silly daughter? Won’t say nothing about her “peculiarity” (no spoiling) but it is a very pathetic reason to keep the movie going.

In just one sentence: didn't you realise “Taken” was a very stupid action film? Because that’s what it is, Liam. A very dumb, embarrassing movie. No one could have saved it from that conclusion. Not even you, Liam. Which makes even more worrying you agreed on being part on “Taken 2”. Disturbing.

SCORE: 1,5/10

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