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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Indie Anthology 21: essential songs

The next chapter in our Anthology is reserved to a very special artist, very dear to me, who I'll be seeing live, for the third time (first in the best of possible companies), next Friday. A great singer, clever lyricist, smart observer of personal relations and social behaviours, capable of making you laugh or wallow on your own pain when you feel miserable (oops maybe I have said too much here). A composer and creator of wonderful pop songs.

Ladies and gentlemen, the indie-pop genius of Mr. Neil Hannon, The Divine Comedy.

Song: Absent Friends
Artist: The Divine Comedy
Year: 2004

"A Lady of Certain Age", "Our Mutual Friend", "Tonight We Fly", "Songs Of Love"... I could be arguing with myself for decades. I can't decide which is my favourite song of The Divine Comedy. So why I choose "Absent Friends"? It's not the first that brought me to his music either (the amusing "Alfie" or "Everybody Knows that I Love You" are the ones). But "Absent Friends" was the one that made "click" on me, the one that made me move from an occasional listener, waiting for a greatest hits compilation, to a devoted fan. There's something on his voice, always delicate but never more powerful than here, brilliantly accompanied by the orchestration (the chamber pop master at his finest hour?). There's something on the orchestration, upbeat, epic, and martial, but allowing every word to be heard. There's something on the words, heartfelt and honest. A song about long-gone, missing, somehow fallen heroes have never sounded so touching and uplifting.

See you in a week dear Neil!!   

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