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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Discoverer 43: new indie findings

It's Sunday, so here you have the usual dose of new indie proposals. Proceed with care, they are highly addictive!

Big Wave. Watched the infectious video of "Only You", single due to November, on the ultra reliable friends Indie Pop Saved My Life. I immediately ran to hunt for more of this five-piece band hailing from Torquay, Devon, UK, and living all together. Their first EP, "Another Year or Two", appeared in November 2011. This June released "The Roots of Love (Come Tumbling Down)" plus the tune "Dying on the Vine" on August. A collection of vital indiepop, driven by euphoric guitars and contagious vocals exploding in meteoric choruses. A band to love and dance to! If you are not made of stone, that is.
Literature. Sometimes its the name of band what gets your attention. That has been the case with this group from Austin, Texas, active since 2010, when they released their debut 7" "Cincinnatti", followed, on January of 2012 by their first LP (grab it at the price you want) , "Arab Spring" (another name that made me curious). Glad I checked them, because their music is a formidably catchy, urgent and carefree example of why power pop and pop-punk are styles needed in this planet. Their music reinvigorates the spirit and makes you smile, so for a while, the world looks like a brighter place.

Pale Lights. And our third proposal comes from New York, being the latest project, started on Fall 2011, of Phil Sutton, former member of the indispensable Comet Gain, after the hiatus of his latest band, the already recommended here The Soft City. The first combo (a five piece group with members of Soft City, Crystal Stilts and Knight School) that Sutton fronts (guitars and leading vocals), since May we have their first EP out. Four songs that are pure jangle pop, romantic bliss. The Go-Betweens, Felt, Comet Gain and many others will come to mind. Indeed, sounds like a classic.

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