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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Primavera Club 2012: 50/50?

Wednesday arrived, and as promised, the organization revealed the full line-up of the forthcoming Primavera Club 2012 (December 6-8). And on my first impression I have mixed reviews about it (click on the image to enlarge and see the complete list).

Negative side
  • Just one name from my wish list, which is quite a disappointment (their agendas made think they were possible, so I was hoping for a few more "hits"). Maybe for spring 2013? 
  • Less days and less bands. Not to mention the quite dramatic reduction in Madrid. I know this is not the fault of the organisation, but the consequence of the absurd policies of our governments... but still, it is frustrating.
  • Distributed in five days, last year I was able to be at more than a dozen concerts. I'm afraid with the reduction of days, overlaps can be more painful than ever. Hope I'm wrong on this matter...
  • Sant Jordi Club instead of Casino l'Aliança? Sound was pretty great, hope the change works...
Positive side
Next week, the organisation will have the schedule, which could be a major fact in order to value more accurately the line-up (fingers crossed for the overlaps). But whatever the case, plenty to see and enjoy this December! Thanks Primavera!

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