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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stop Awful Covers 6

It's been a while since our last chapter of artwork horrors, but unfortunately here's a new dose of deplorable taste and lack of care for your own music and your fans. Please stop...

Aimee Mann: Charmer
This one hurts, because I love Aimee's music, but the cover is plain ugly.

Yeasayer: Fragrant World
I can look one million times, and independently of what I see each time, it's always awful

The Slaves: Spirits of the Sun
A work of .... little effort

 Bonaparte: Sorry, We're Open
A very weird couple of party-goers? For sure a couple full of bad taste

Dog Day: The Scratches
At least the band's name is appropriate. It had to be a dog day when they chose that cover

Spider Bags: Shake My Head
Yes, I shake my head with consternation. How can someone choose this as a cover?

Guided By Voices: Jon the Croc
The genius of Robert Pollard is completely absent on this cover....

Juliana HatfieldJuliana Hatfield
Pretty in pink? No... zero work in pink...

Anthony Green: Beautiful Spring
All I can say I'm happy Autumn has arrived

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