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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

(My) Independence

Spain! Catalonia! I'm so tired of you two! Quino nailed it again.
It was bound to happen. I tried to stay aside from the current debate on Catalonia / Spain, but it's everywhere. I guess my choice wasn't very realistic and couldn't last long. So here's a very personal collection of thoughts...

(My) Independence

I want to be independent... from politics
From corrupted and vile politicians
The ones that brought us here & cut our rights,
but now have decided to hide their failures behind flags

I want to be independent... from media
From the miserable and evil majority of media
The ones that should be informing citizens,
but they are just manipulating us while serving the corporation that pays their checks

I want to be independent... from justice
From the paralysed and partial justice
The ones that should be defending our rights
but instead they just protect the unfair benefits and privileges of the richest and powerful

I want to be independent... from the Constitution
From the so sacred and untouchable Constitution
Many of us didn't vote it, but we all have the right to
decide whether it still fits us or not

I want to be independent... from democracy
From this ridiculous, false and deplorable idea of democracy
Where the ones supposedly chosen by us are only serving themselves
Where the ones we vote don't make the decisions, and the ones that do,
banks & greedy corporations, are free to keep their campaign towards social annihilation

I can't believe on a future leaded by the ones ruining our present. I want to be independent from a rescue I didn't provoke; from an economic model based on construction and tourism I didn't choose, and has obviously failed; from ancien régime institutions like monarchy, religion or capitalism; from conservative parties that call themselves liberals but are just fascists, and from left parties that forgot all their social aims while they focus on keeping their pockets full; from silly bipartidism; from corruption; from markets; from a EU that is sadly just another neoliberal economic club; from a criminal unemployment rate fostered by criminal an absurd neoliberal policies that I haven't voted; from people who still tries to use the language/s he/she speaks as a tool to divide people; from all nationalisms and anyone who tries to win an argument waving a flag. Behind any flag, there's people. That's what matters. This shouldn't be about Spain or Catalonia, but about the needs and rights of the citizens living on that territory. That's the sort of independence we should seek.

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