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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Playlist: the Best of Beth Orton

In exactly a month, October 1st, Beth Orton will release her new album, "Sugaring Season", after six years of hiatus. She is one of my all-time favourite artists, so here's a little homage (a personal selection, many b-sides) to her beautiful music, and a nice warm-up to start the countdown till the record arrive. If you didn't know her yet, please take a listen!

    The Best of Beth Orton by Raul on Grooveshark
  1. Stolen Car
  2. The Same Day
  3. Concrete Sky
  4. Shadow of a Doubt
  5. Wild World
  6. Central Reservation (original version)
  7. Conceived
  8. Dolphins (with Terry Callier)
  9. A Place Aside
  10. Galaxy of Emptiness (Live)
  11. Safety
  12. Sweetest Decline
  13. Pedestal
  14. Sugar Boy
  15. This One's Gonna Bruise
  16. Ooh Child
  17. Ali's Waltz
  18. How Far 
  19. Thinking About Tomorrow
  20. Pieces of Sky
  21. It's Not the Spotlight

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