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Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is Spain, where I live

Sometimes, it is not necessary to say much to capture and express what matters. Forges and Quino, two of the few artists in this country that have that precious ability. Two vignettes that very much define the situation in Spain, the shameful country where I live. Not very different from many others, I'm afraid.   

How come you are not paddling more!!!???... 
I'm so surprised, Fernández!
Aren't we all on the same boat?

I'm free... 
I can choose the bank that squeezes me; 
the tv channel that vilifies me; 
the oil company that brutalizes me; 
the food that poisons me; 
the telephone network that cheats me;
 the informer that misinforms me 
and the political option that disappoints me. 
I insist: I'm free

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