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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Indie Anthology 16: essential songs

After a short break on vacation (in Italy) we are back online. It's officially summer period and (almost) vacation time, so the next song of our Anthology is one of these perfect tunes, from a much beloved band, that defines that "summer vibe", that spirit... personal opinion of course.

Song: You Can Hide Your Love Forever
Artist: Comet Gain
Year: 2001

What does it make a song "ideal "for summer? For being on the road? For adventure, discovery or just fun? It's hard to explain. Mainstream music (and beer advertisements) try every year to ruin it with their despicable elections and intrusion. But there's something. An unstoppable joy, driven by guitars an melodies, a sun-soaked chorus and that SING-ALONG part, coming like a magic force, propelling you and your throat. Comet Gain's "You Can Hide Your Love Forever" is that sort of song. Vibrant and vital. I imagine the band in the studio, realising "they got it", feeling powerful and pleased, when they finished it. As anyone who listens and sings it.

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