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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spain: betraying citizens, betraying democracy

"The time to rise has been engaged/ You're better best to arrange"
R.E.M.   "Finest Worksong"

Enough HAS to be enough.

Methods to get out from the crisis:
I. Becoming rich
II. Becoming even richer
III. Run away

Vignette by El Roto
Yesterday, our Spanish government certified another brutal series of measures, the biggest ones we haver ever suffered during democracy, against us, the citizens. Our president, Mariano Rajoy, also proved that Spain is no longer a sovereign country, but a piece of land ruled by the European Union. Did we vote for that last year? Did anyone who vote in that election, no matter which option you voted, or even if you voted blank or null, knew our president was going to be in the hands of someone else (that we didn't choose)? I don't remember it. Which is weird because I do remember casting my ballot then (as I have always done since I'm legally allowed to). 

Rajoy justified the measures explaining us, citizens, that we have to make another effort, and pay more while we earn less, because is the only solution. Which is a FLAGRANT, unacceptable, outrageous LIE. Because:

We, citizens, ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the BANK abuses. We don't have to pay for their rescue.  
We, citizens, ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the vile and corrupted behaviour of our political leaders
We, citizens, ARE BEING IGNORED by the ones that are supposed to represent us. We should never forget that they are representing us, they serve us, not the contrary. If they are not capable of solving the situation without harming us, they should resign. IMMEDIATELY.

The sort of cuts the conservative government are imposing are not the only way out. It is only a political decision that responds to a very contested way of understanding economics. Many voices, in a very open way, around Europe and the rest of the world is asking for another kind of economic policies. Take the announcement of increasing VAT to 21%, for example. It's a measure that will ballast consumption, therefore aggravating the crisis. Misery is just around the corner with that sort of policies. It simply doesn't make sense. The argument argued by our politicians, saying that we had a very low VAT before is a complete, perverse MANIPULATION. Look at this numbers:

Germany VAT: 19% Minimum Wage: 1.993€
United Kingdom VAT: 20% Minimum Wage: 1.201€
France VAT: 19,6% Minimum Wage: 1428€
Netherlands VAT: 19% Minimum Wage: 1446€
Spain: 21% Minimum Wage: 641€

Besides, and never forget, that among the political decisions taken in this terrible 6 months there has been one that is particularly revealing: the "TAX AMNESTY". Until November 30 2012, individual and corporate taxpayers (the millionaires of this country that are evading their capital in fiscal paradises) will be permitted to voluntarily disclose unreported income or assets by paying a special 10% levy on the amount or acquisition value, with no criminal or administrative penalties, surcharges or interest. They are demanding drastic efforts to the vast majority of the population while they are alleviating the much needed pressure to the biggest fortunes, who by the way, are committing an obvious economic fraud. That is an ABERRATION, that invalidates any of their political justifications when announcing an unpopular measure. There are several alternatives instead, but it is clear who they are trying to protect... even at the cost of ending with our welfare state.

I could keep on and on (justice, education, health, freedom of expression, repression, don't even let me enter into football) but its all pretty obvious. Our political leaders are either puppets in the hands of biggest powers, or rats trying to take benefit of their position while they are in charge. THEY DON'T REPRESENT USOur government is against us, the citizens. And by doing so they have sentenced the concept of democracy to death. They are destroying our rights. That is unacceptable. 

Then, it's time for us, citizens, to restore it. We are the only ones that can revert the situation. It's our duty as citizens. We have to kick them out of the power. Today, more than ever, we need a Real Democracy Now!

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