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Friday, July 13, 2012

Bastards Out of the Spanish Congress Now!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, THIS (please watch the video below) happens

As you can see on the video, Andrea Fabra, deputy at the Congress for PP, yells "Fuck them all"  while Mariano Rajoy was announcing cuts in unemployment benefits (5 milion citizens are unemployed in Spain). A political representative insulting the citizens. This is the lowest moment I ever seen in Spanish politics (democratic times). 

It shouldn't be that surprising, in all honesty, as she's the daugther of Carlos Fabra, former president of the Province of Castellón, president of PP there for 22 years, and one of the most corrupted politicians of this country ever. After all, this is a country where a bunch of powerful families have always had the control of the territory, in particular during very dark times (not that long ago) where they were fascists chieftains. The manners may have changed, but sometimes, like Andrea's yelling, the inner truth explodes. Of course, her excuses (she says she reacted against the PSOE congressmen) is ridiculous. Makes absolutely no sense. But what can you expect of a majority of the Congress that applauded, vividly, the most drastic cutbacks of Spanish democratic history.

If we want to restore our democracy, people like Andrea Fabra must disappear from politics. You can help signing the petition for her resignation here at We need to clean out the bastards from the Congress!

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