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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Indie Anthology 15: essential songs

If there's a Festival I would die to go, that's Indietracks. This weekend they will celebrate its 6th edition, again with a line-up that is an indie-pop dream. So the next chapter of our Anthology serves me also as a little homage to this fantastic Festival, recovering an amazing song from one of the bands, an unexpected return, that will be playing there!

Song: Tara Mascara
Artist: Language of Flowers
Year: 2004

"Songs About You" was a delicious record, a kaleidoscope of everything that makes indie-pop irresistible. Tara Simpson's adorable, fragile voice, jangly guitars, a touch of psychedelia here, a glimpse of twee-pop there, several upbeat tunes, ready to make you dance, a few others to feel nostalgic... I fell in love with the Northern Ireland band from the very first moment I heard "Tara Mascara", with its 12-string rickenbackers shimmering, just before Simpson's appears with her sweet voice. Think on The Smiths meeting Lush. Yes, that good. In hiatus since 2007, they are back for a special performance at Indietracks. What a great comeback (hope its for long). Lucky indietrackers!!   

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