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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Discoverer 13: new indie findings

Back with the Sunday proposals, for your ears only!

Widowspeak. This trio from Brooklyn started in spring of 2010, and after being signed by the (wise) Captured Tracks they have presented two 7" this year, showing their talents: a fascinating combination of guitar melodies from another time (50's,60's, 90's sophisticated pop) with the haunting dreamy voice of Molly Hamilton, somewhere between Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William) and Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star). Eager to hear their full length debut this summer. I feel this band is really special.
Gun Shy
Harsh Realm
Kids On A Crime Spree. You can always rely on Slumberland Records, so checking their new releases we found the project from veteran Californian Mario Hernandez (From Bubblegum to Sky), who became addicted to Phil Spector's wall of sound. Using old recording techniques to recreate that sound, he composed more than a hundred songs, selecting 8 for their debut album, "We Love You So Bad", released in May. An ultra-short but radiant collection of power-pop pills layered in full-of-reverb guitars, martial drumming and occasional indie-pop pure joy, like on the irresistible "Dead Ripe" (handclapping, yay!).
Dead Ripe.
Sweet Tooth
Saskatchewan. Little we know about this young band from Orlando, Florida. But what matters is that the three songs we have heard from them are stunning postcards of dreamy indie-pop, with "Nice Daze" and the wonderful "Dreamboat" (if it doesn't stick with you after 30 seconds you should probably go visit the doctor) destined to end on the best-of the year compilation lists. In a world with some musical taste, these would be the songs of the summer. More, we want more!
Nice Daze

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