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Sunday, June 19, 2011

19J: We are Many More, Peaceful, and Way Better

We are many more. Back home from the afternoon's demonstration that has collapsed the centre of Barcelona, the same that has happened in Madrid (bravo for the beautiful end with violins!) and many cities in Spain. I will leave the numbers of participation aside (they range from 20.000 to more than 350.000 thousand depending on the source), because I'm not an expert, and the experts in my country are called so because they are capable of lying in their own benefit. But allow me to say just this: the collapse has been so huge it took us an exact 1 hour and a half to move from Plaça Catalunya to the first corner at Fontanella street, barely 10 meters? And almost 3 hours to reach the end of the demonstration at Pla de Palau. Make your own conclusions.

We are peaceful. Besides the amount of people gathered, today has been a total triumph due to the absence of violence. The protest has been the best proof that what happened Wednesday was the exclusive responsibility of a radical small group that doesn't represent the movement, formed by common people, fed up of corruption and lies. Not making any reference to the police, because the video and the facts about their behaviour is easy to find on the web (also in this blog).

We are better. Puig dimissió (Puig, resignation) has been the most chanted slogan/comment this afternoon. Who wouldn't agree? But Puig alone is not enough. The resignation chants must include Mas, Zapatero, media directors, and a looong etc. The movement has to go further, it has to demand Camps, Fabra or Botín to go to prison. Because what we claim is that Europe/world, has to be for the citizens, not for the markets.

The only thing that I don't like in this sort of demonstration (besides the smoke) is the music. Sorry but I can't. So, can we include some indie music next time? Like this great tune by the even greater Neil Hannon? It couldn't be more appropriate (please check the lyrics), even the video is filmed in Spain. Let's protest with class.

Neil Hannon - 'The Complete Banker'

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