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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Crazy Heart", Jeff Bridges' one man show

Crazy Heart

There are movies that would pass unnoticed if there wasn't an actor to bring in some life. "Crazy Heart" is one of these films.

There's nothing bad on the film, but nothing really remarkable or outstanding either, with one big exception. The script is far from being original, Bad Blake, a veteran country artist, once famous, tries to keep going, despite his star is fading and his own addiction, alcoholism, is killing him. But the second chance to reform his life is going to appear, in the form of romance (an uncharacteristically one) and a music proposal. Add that this is not the most dynamic film you have seen (the rythm is paused to say the least) and that the soundtrack is of course, a collection of country music (sorry, ages from my taste). That's not a lot to justify watching the film, or to catch your interest in my opinion. But as I said, there's one big exception. The exception is Jeff Bridges.

Because if you care about the fate of this archetypal, bearish and embittered singer is just thanks to Bridges' outstanding performance (well deserved Oscar). He impersonates Bad Blake in a way you completely believe every single line he delivers, every gesture of quiet desolation or chagrin, or every silly step towards his slow self-destruction. He is also strikingly convincing when he reveals as a vulnerable human, with the capacity, long-time hidden, of being heartbroken. Bridges composes not a character, but a flesh and blood real (although imaginary of course) person. Bridges holds "Crazy Heart" entirely. He is the film.

I'm unsure Bridges alone is enough to rate the movie as a good one, but at least makes it worth the watching.

SCORE: 5,75/10

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