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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Discoverer 12: new indie findings

Now that the Primavera Sound Festival ended, we go back to our Sunday's new proposals!

Seeker Lover Keeper. They could have titled their album (that was published on Friday) "Australian's finest" instead of "Seeker Lover Keeper", because the amount of talent gathered here is amazing. The band is the sum of three of the best songwriters of the country: Holly Throsby with her literary, smoky pop-folk; Sally Seltmann, previously known as "New Buffalo" (strongly recommend you to check songs like "Recovery" or "Cheer Me Up Thank You"), co-writer of Feist's hit "1234", creator of a dreamy sweet pop; and the haunting Sarah Blasko, maybe one of the most well-known female artists in Australia, and responsible of one of the best albums of 2009, "As Day Follows Night". The result, a real collaborative effort where they share equal songwriting and singing duties, is a remarkable proof of Aesop's famous quote: "In union there's strength". A stunning collection of beautifully crafted indie-pop.

Be Forest. Don't know much about this young Italian band (their names are Constance, Erica and Nicole and studied in Rimini and Urbino) so I'll focus on their debut album, "Cold", just released by the We Were Never Being Boring label, because is a true finding. Dreamy, sometimes nightmarish, between shoegazing and new wave, "Cold" combines, with surprising strength, clear and direct melodies with atmospheres, feedbacks, echoes and delays. There's a rawness, an urge, on the record that contrasts the also present sense of nostalgia. Be Forest has a mysterious, haunting quality that makes "Cold" hard to compare, and hard to resist.
Be Forest - Florence 
Sharon Van Etten. I owe this finding to The National, as this singer-songwriter based in New York contributes backing vocals to their song "Think You Can Wait". Responsible of two remarkable albums, "Because I Was In Love" and "Epic". Classic songwriting with a grace in her voice and in the ethereal feeling she gives to the songs, no matter it they have a more countrified approach or a more atmospheric vibe. It always sounds there's a danger or real damage there. Her music is draining and enduring, it cannot be pulled apart. A very special artist.

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