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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Discoverer 164: new indie findings

No, this Blog is not taking holidays! Instead, we are eager to propose you another trio of music wonders in our discoverer series. Our "Easter eggs"are just ready for your listening pleasure!

Hurry. We begin or music trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with this trio composed by Matt Scottoline (vocals, guitar) and cousins Joe and Rob DeCarolis (bass & drums respectively). Formed in 2012, Hurry began as Scottoline's, member of Everyone Everywhere, solo project, writing the first homemade material under that moniker later on released on Bandcamp. But the need of assembling a band to perform the songs live alongside the sort of "hibernation" of Everyone Everywhere helped the proper birth of Hurry. After signing to Hot Green Records the trio announced first (or second, depends on how we count) album 'Everything/Nothing', out in October 2014, which was followed by LP 'Guided Meditation' in Spring 2016 via Lame-O Records. Now, after the EP 'Casual Feelings' out in October 2016, the band is back with their third/fourth record, 'Every Little Thought', out since this February. Somewhere in between Teenage Fanclub and Yo La Tengo, with traces of noise-pop and 90s alternative rock, Hurry's tunes are a jangly and melodic delight, instant love affair for the listener. Don't waste your time and check them out! 

Chemtrails. We move to London, UK, where this quintet is based. Lead by founders and main composers Mia Lust and Laura Orlova, the group started to make noise in 2016, signing with the great nordic label PNKSLM and debuting that September with EP 'Love in Toxic Wasteland'. A second EP, 'Headless Pin Up Girl' (one of the Blog favourites last year) appeared in Spring of 2017 and now, we can enjoy their first album, 'Calf of the Sacred Cow', out since this February. A very personal, idiosyncratic crossover between garage rock, power-pop and lo-fi psychedelia, think on Shrag meeting Blondie. Raw, bouncy, exciting music.

CCFX. And we end in Olympia, Washington, to meet this quartet discovered at the very end of past year (but they had to be featured at the Blog), formed by Chris McDonnell, Mirče Popovic, Mary Jane Dunphe and David Jaques, the result of local cult bands CC Dust and Trans FX (hence the mysterious moniker) merge. Self-titled debut EP appeared in late October 2017 via DFA Records, and is a very special one. Dream-pop unafraid of contemplating the waves at the cliff's edge, strangely warm and nostalgic, cinematic and disarmingly melodic, with the vocals of Dunphe knocking you out. There's magic here, a real gem awaiting to be discovered. More soon, please, please, please. 

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