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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Best Songs of the Year 2017: 100-76

Back to our beloved lists! After EPs and Records, now is time to start unveiling our Best Songs of the Year! If you are a regular follower of this blog you'll probably know the 'rules', if not or you just don't remember after twelve months, here they are: we always unveil our favourite 100 tunes divided in four different posts of 25 songs each (something important, as it has been a particularly ‘rich’ year, full of exciting tunes from many acts, we have limited the maximum number of songs a group/artist can have in the complete list from three to two) and, of course, we compile the songs on playlists so you can enjoy them as much as we have as many times as you like. So, without further delay, here are the tunes comprise between 100 and 76! Hope you enjoy our selection, next round coming very soon!

100. Free Time- All Four Seasons
99.  Cina Polada- Gloom
98. We.the Pigs- Go Away
97. Lunch Ladies- Love Is Overrated
96. Jay Som- 1 Billion Dogs
95. Line & Circle- Man Uncounth
94. Marika Hackman- My Lover Cindy
93. The Districts- If Before I Wake
92. Patsy’s Rats- Is it Alright?

91. The Stammer- Over & Over

90. The Stroppies- Go Ahead
89. Últim Cavall- Arquitectures
88. Seafang- Stardust
87. No Kill- Eddie Vedder
86. Calgrove- Hot
85. The Age of Coloured Lizards- See You

84. Zuzu- What You want
83. Terry Malts- It’s not me
82. Boutade- Why Don’t We Talk About It
81. Kate Tempest- Europe is Lost
80. Destroyer- Tinseltown swimming in blood
79. Widowspeak- When I Tried
78. The Weather Station- Thirty
77. Las Ruinas- Señoras que miran mal
76. Vagabon- The Embers

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