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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Music to look forward in 2016

Can't remember why, but didn't honored another blog tradition on 2015: our new year's music wishes. But this is not going to happen again! So here's our top ten summary of the releases/events we're looking forward the most in what regards to music. 
1. If this is a blog tradition, let's begin with "our" man & most beloved sure-fire: Jeremy Jensen, aka The Very Most, is returning big on this 2016 with 'Syntherely Yours', a collection of synthpop songs from the band, out thanks our dear friends at February Records. The LP features and awesome list of guests including Lisle Mitnik from Tiny Fireflies, Adriano from Postal Blue, Colin from The Smittens, Charles from Math and Physics Club, Thomas from Pale Spectres, Adam from Adam and Darcie, Laz from Bubblegum Lemonade/Strawberry Whiplash,... And there's more...
Most deserved tribute for Ms. Melberg

 2.... Because The Very Most is also taking part in 'Constant and True: A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg', that February Records will release in late Spring. A compilation CD of indiepop artists paying tribute to one of the GREATEST: Rose Melberg and her essential bands (Tiger Trap, The Softies, Brave Irene, Go Sailor, Knife Pleats). Bands like Rocketship, The Smittens, Band a Part, LAKE, Seapony, Marc Elston, are already confirmed, so no wonder why we are already excited...

3. More sure-fires. Eleanor Friedberger returns to action with 'New View' on January 22nd, same day that marks the arrival of 'Adore Life', the sophomore album of Savages. And what can be said about our beloved Basia Bulat and The Divine Comedy returns? The Canadian angel has LP 'Good Advice' scheduled on February 12th, and the always necessary Neil Hannon is giving us some clues his new work will be ready by Spring/Summer. With these two coming up with new songs, the world will be a better place to live in... 

The great Jess Weiss on boards. Fear of Men take 2
4. Despite there's no exact day for the official releases revealed yet, these two might be the most anticipated and awaited new albums of 2016 for me. I'm referring to my dear Fear of Men, that have finished recording their sophomore album, the much awaited follow-up of the terrific 'Loom'. And another band we have a real soft spot for at the Blog, Paolo and Claire, a.k.a Young Romance, which after giving us stunning song after stunning song in several EPs and singles, now jump into the long format with their debut full album. So anxious to hear both... and please do not forget Barcelona on the forthcoming tours this time!

5. In what regards to national releases, 2016 should be the year where favourites of mine come back wth new music. Cosmen Adelaida, Doble Pletina and When Nalda Became Punk (triple YAY!) for sure, but fingers crossed during 2016 we'll see also the follow-up of 'Mundo Fatal' by my beloved Me and the Bees. Expecting new songs by Big Summer and Aries too. And would we have the second album of Boutade this year? Here's hoping for a confirmation... 

Paul & Jacqui, the mighty pop duo, finally in Catalonia!
6. There are three gigs that I'm really excited about. First, and just around the corner, Robert Forster at Apolo presenting his excellent 'Songs to Play'. And two "first times" that I'm so eager will finally take place. Tindersticks in April 14th at l'Auditori. And two days afterwards, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott at Blues and Ritmes Festival in Badalona. Finally! Already nervous, can't hardly wait! 

7. More about live music. Another Primavera Sound Festival ahead. With not a single name announced yet. Expectations are huge as always, so it's time to post/especulate my wish list, right? Check it here. And if it's a disappointment, it might be time to consider moving to another Fest (Bilbao maybe?)

PJ Harvey, ready for shaking the world again
8. Even more & records expected. "Heavyweights" as PJ Harvey, with new record set to Spring that, judging by the info so far, it's going to be a mandatory one (again)... and The National, which are already recording but still without a defined release agenda (testing tunes on the road?) What about The Luxembourg Signal (confirmed by Beth Arzy on Twitter), Hospitality, Rose Elinor Dougall (please, please, please, been waiting for ages!), The Julie Ruin, Slowdive (if confirmed, that would be simply anthologic), Minor Victories (very curious), Peter Buck (what about that super-Earth's project with Corin Tucker? Too good to be true...?) Dum Dum Girls, or The Swapsies

9. And for sure infallible labels like ShelflifeJigsaw Records, Slumberland, Matinée, Test Pattern, Fortuna Pop!, Dufflecoat, WWNBB, February Records, El Genio Equivocado, Discos de Kirlian, La Castanya, Kanine, Fishrider (and others coming from down under), Merge, Sub Pop, HHBTM, to just name a few, have prepared a wonderful year of music for us. 

10. And ending in a more personal note, there's a book on one of my all-time favourite bands, The Go-Betweens, coming very soon on Libros de Kirlian. I contribute on it (thanks for the opportunity Marcos Gendre) with the prologue, which might be one of the most heartfelt pieces I've ever written. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a very special read...
For sure, many more records, songs, gigs and amazing moments related with music are awaiting us. Come on 2016, we're listening you!

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