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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Discoverer 130: new indie findings

Back with our discoverer series! Three late finds gems of past year we had to share with you to open 2016 as it deserves. Sure you'll enjoy!

Postal Blue. Hailing from Brasilia, Brazil, today I'm happy to bring you the story of Adriano do Couto, the man behind one of the best records of 2015. The project started out in 1998, as a full-fledged quartet on search of the perfect pop tune (Byrds, Smiths, Go-Betweens). American label Drive-In Records quickly reached them to release their self-titled debut EP released in 2000, with our dear Shelflife Records coming second to release sophomore EP 'Weather Sensitive' two years later. In 2004 arrived debut LP 'International Breeze', with the band shifting their sound from guitar indiepop to a subdued and adventurous bossanova-infused folk pop. Another EP, the moody and sung in Portuguese 'Road to happiness' came next in 2006 on Canadian label Humblebee Recordings. But then the band entered into a hiatus that became final, so singer and lead songwriter Adriano, keeping Postal Blue's name, released a 3" single on Cloudberry Records in 2008 and a 7" as part of the Dufflecoat / Jigsaw Singles Club co-release. Finally, at the end of past November, after 11 years, the band's sophomore album 'Of Love & Other Affections' arrived via Jigsaw. Gorgeous indiepop from start to finish, dreamiest, melancholic, elegant, classic, always arresting. Been a long way, but the reward is priceless.

Lusts. Let me introduce you the Stone brothers, James and Andy, hailing from Leicester, UK. Couldn't find the exact date when the band formed, but it seems very very recent (2014 probably) Debut single 'Temptation' arrived past March, followed by ‘Mouthwash’ and their full album 'Iluminations', out in October via 1965 Records. And what a debut! Irresistibly catchy and expansive indie-rock soaked in reverb and noise, channeling shoegaze, post-punk and bits of psychdelia and krautrock, but also some of the inmediacy of britpop straightforward hymns. Immediately enjoyable and fun. Band to follow closely this New Year.

Tuff Love. And we end in Glasgow, Scotland to meet Julie Eisenstein (guitar, vocals) and Suse Bear (bass, vocals) plus live drummer Iain Stewart (also a member of The Phantom Band). They debuted in May 2014 with 'Junk' EP via Lost Map Records, embarking afterwards on Festivals and European tour where they had the chance of supporting reformed shoegaze legends Ride. Adored by media, in November they offered another EP, 'Dross', followed by the split 7" single with Lazy Day on Record Store Day 2015. And since past November we can also enjoy their third EP, 'Dregs', five wonderful tunes of jangly surf-pop, dreamy and sunny and a DIY ethos. What's not to love?

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