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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Discoverer 131: new indie findings

Great, exciting new bands keep coming to our discoverer series! Three more late finds with a trio of amazing women (another dose of girl power, yay!) and their fantastic music, enjoy!

Faith Healer. Allow me to introduce you to Jessica Jalbert, a musician from Edmonton, Alberta, who after playing in a bunch of bands over the past ten-ish years. put out a solo album in 2011 called 'Brother Loyola' with the help of great friends and musicians. One of those friends, which also engineered the LP was Renny Wilson, another veteran musician involved in several local acts (some with Jessica). The idea of teaming with Wilson on a new band was there but it never happened. Nevertheless, Jessica had had a bunch of new tunes and after dubbing herself Faith Healer called Wilson and the two created 'Cosmic Troubles', which came out past March via Mint Records. Heavily influenced by ’60s and ’70s psych rock, the LP is pure magic: classic pop with beautiful harmonies and warm vibes, packed with an inventive, adventurous, eclectic sparkle. Discovered late, but here's one of the records of 2015.

Jay Som. From Canada to San Francisco to meet Melina Duterte, member of Summer Peaks but who has been offering tunes at their bandcamp since 2011. On late November 2015 she delivered 'Untitled', an album she describes as a collection of finished and unfinished songs. That's something quite shocking, considering how impressive the whole affair (don't know if I should call it record) is. Ranging from stark bedroom pop to instantly catchy power-pop and dream-pop landscapes it's clear Melina's capable of crafting very diverse kinds of pop wonders. So, while we await impatiently for her first, official release in 2016, you have plenty to listen and fall in love with. Don't forget her name!
Try the Pie. Quick trip from SF to San Jose, California to meet Bean Tupou and her songwriting solo project. Tupou, an incredible active woman who is also member of bands as Sourpatch, Salt Flat, Crabapple and Plume, as well as the coordinator of the art program at San Jose's Chromatic Coffee, plus the founding member of the Think and Die Thinking booking collective, has been penning tunes on her own since early 2000s. She has been offering us her tunes at her bandcamp, collecting them in EPs and records. But we can say that 2015 was the year when Try the Pie became with the release of her first full-length record with a full band, 'Domestication' out on Salinas Records in April, followed with 'Rest', a collection of early recordings wrote between 2005 and 2008, out since late November by our friends at HHBTM records. Tupou can do everything: sound lush, dreamy, evocative, moody, fragile, intimate, overtly poppie, arrestingly folkie, openly lo-fi. But always haunting. Try this pie, you'll never get enough.

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