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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Discoverer 129: new indie findings

Final weeks of the year and one of the latest chapters of our discoverer series for this 2015 (we have to lock ourselves to prepare the best-of lists). But this trio had to be listened!

Detective Agency. Hailing from Seattle, WA, the band origins dates back to 2011 and, after some line-up changes, they are currently a quartet: Holmes, Marlowe, Poirot and Spade (just kidding). Three EPs, self-released and available only at their bandcamp digitally, plus some tunes (mostly covers) were their only releases... until our dear and wise friend Oscar Fernandez at Discos de Kirlian reached the band, asking them to compile part of the previous material (seven tunes) plus six new compositions recorded during past summer, to conform 'Now!' a proper debut album, out since November thanks to the Catalonian label. Bright, bouncy, joyful indiepop, full of garage & jangly guitars and vocal harmonies from vocalists Amy and Nate, summoning the spirits of Beat Happening & The Shop Assistants to make you dance and smile. The private investigators of indiepop, ready to solve any music problem you have!

Antlered Aunt Lord. Second trip of the week to most beloved Athens, Georgia, to meet Jesse Stinnard, Tunabunny's eccentric drummer, phantom screamer, compulsive reader and unique musician (the press note says his solo shows are truly legendary). Now this mad genius has decided to put some order into his several-hundred song backlog to release his debut album, 'Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (And On Fire)' out since late November through Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. It's a carnival of sorts, They Might Be Giants, early R.E.M., Pixies... I know, I know. I'm reciting some of the quintessential American alternative bands. But Stinnart seems to be the missing link between them. Fun, risky yet powerfully melodic. What an exciting chaos. Many thanks, again, Mike!

Youthmemory.  And we end in Tokyo, Japan, to meet this, of course, very young quartet, formed in February,2014 thanks to SoundCloud, the virtual vehicle through with Yuta Ozaki shared his music and met the rest of what would became the band. In February 2015 they debuted with 'Dreamin EP' out via Fastcut Records and, since July, we can also enjoy the 'Raspberry/1980's'  digital single. Six stunning tunes sung in Japanese where dreampop and shoegaze collides, offering instantly catchy melodies, the trademark melancholic vibes and distant, hazy vocals that the genre has, but also a sparkling and more intriguing use of jangling and heavily fuelled guitar riffs. Refreshing and ultra promising combo. Check them out!

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