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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best Songs of the Year 2015: 50-26

As promised yesterday, here's the third round of our Best Songs of 2015, this time comprising songs between positions 50 to 26. As we approach the end of the lists, you''re going to see some artists/groups "repeating" their apparitions (just one tune per round) in both lists, something logical considering some of them have been the responsible of the EPs and Records of the year, in our opinion. Remember the playlist below is available at our Soundcloud. Stay tuned, the Top 25 arriving shortly!

50. Strange Hellos- Torres
49. Been in the wars- New Politicians 
48. Creep Me Out- Ghost Transmission
47. Stars- The Treasures of Mexico
46. Ahora que hace bueno- Reina Republicana
45. Waste the alphabet- Dick Diver
44. What went down- Foals
43. Swept Away- Star Tropics
42. Desencuentros- The New Raemon
41. Dream date- Salad Boys
40. Stranger – Twerps
39. Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens
38.  Lake song- The Decemberists
37. Blo
37. Blood- Algiers
36. Blue swallow- Novella
35. Silhouettes- Viet Cong
34. Saw the light- Seapony
33. Burn masculinity- The Spook School
32. Again- Faith Healer
31. Out of metaphors- Line & Circle
30. Wasting time- Young Romance
29. O- Desperate Journalist
28. A 
28. A New Wave- Sleater-Kinney
27. Odiar
27. Odiar- Hazte Lapón
26. The Legend of Chavo Guerrero- The Mountain Goats

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