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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Best Songs of the Year 2015: 100-76

After ConcertsBooks, EPs and Records, it's time for the final list: the 5th edition of the Bloodbuzzed's Best Songs of the Year. Here are our 100 favourite songs of the last twelve months. As the Blog aims to give a modest space for as many bands as possible, and luckily the amount of exciting music keeps increasing we have limited the songs the same group/artist can have in the list to just two. As usual, we have divided the selected tunes in four different posts of 25 songs each, packed in a soundcloud playlist (also available at our Souncloud page). So, to begin with, here's the first round with tunes from 100 to 76. Please don't take the order's list too seriously. At the end, it's just an excuse to celebrate another year of great music! Next round coming very soon!

100. Home- Tomiji
99.  So Long- Anomie
98.  Heart attack- Hideous Towns
97.  Oh me!- The Swapsies
96.  Laura- Wildhoney
95. Los líderes africanos- El Lado Oscuro de la Broca
94. Dream on, bably blue- Chorusgirl
93. Alligator- Nevski
92. Carbon- Tuff Love
91. Terrible- Knife Pleats
90.  Broken necks- Eskimeaux
89. Love won’t save you- Crayon Fields
88. Herman- Sleepy Seeds
87. 1000 years- Dianas
86. Hey Joan- The Stammer
85. Lottery- Oh, Rose
84. Umi - Pinkshinyultrablast
83. Let You Know- The Fireworks
82. Religion of mine- Summer Fiction
81. The scene between- The Go! Team
80. Breaking- Soft Science
79. 6000 dias- Boogarins
78. Take a little time- Kathryn Calder
77. Made my mind up- Mikal Cronin
76.  Can’t you feel –Bruising

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