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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Discoverer 99: new indie findings

We are very close to reach a milestone in our 'Discoverer' series. But before that special moment arrives, here are three unmissable proposals for your ears only!

Tape Waves. Let me introduce you to the Weldin's music, one of the nicest surprises reaching my inbox since this Blog was created. Jarod and Kim Hart Weldin hail from Charleston, South Carolina, and their first tunes surfaced just last year, with a self-titled summer EP, announcing more wonders about to come. After a 7" single featuring Stay All Night /Looking at the Sun' this May, since the end of July we can enjoy their debut album 'Let You Go', out via Bleeding Gold Records. Delicate, whispered dream-pop that looks, smells, feels, (I'm sure you can taste and touch it too) and sounds like the most peaceful sunny afternoon. Think on Real Estate jangling guitars fronted by an ethereal, echoing female voice (sometimes Kim vocals seem to be floating in the breeze). This is what sunshine pop should mean. This is a no-brainer: among the records of the year.
Thee AHs. Another discovery thanks to Indietracks. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the band started around high school 2011, when guitarist-composer Davinia Shell joined singer and illustrator Sarah Lowenbot and drummer Mareesa Holmes. Completed with bassist Ridley Bishop, they self-released their two first albums, 'Thee AHs Nation' in September 2011 and “Future Without Her” in February 2013. Their prolific career so far includes tours across their country, the States and, their recent first UK tour, a change in their line-up, with Dan On replacing Bishop on bass, and the arrival of third LP, 'Corey’s Coathangers', out since March via Jigsaw Records and Birdtapes. Self-defining their sound as black bubblegum pop, Thee AHs do intriguing, adventurous in-your-face pop, one in which the sugar often masks twisted subjects and sinuous, frantic structural shifts, fuelled with Lowenbot's malleable honey vocals. Pretty unique.
The Artisans. Hailing from North East England, between Newcastle and the (their definition, not mine) thick smog of Hartlepool, this quartet formed at the end of 2013, but they are not newcomers into this "business": frontman Kevin 'The Nearly Man' McGrother has a very extensive career in bands like Just Like Alice, Tickety Boo or solo, releasing via several indiepop labels, while the rest of the band played in Pale Man Made and Uncle Monty. The buzz around the combo has just begun in the form of radio airplay and the support from Frankie & The Heartstrings. Something logic considering the four tunes (considered demos despite their unstoppable strength) we can enjoy to date. Jangly, with that timeless 80s feel, and immediately catchy songs honouring the best of traditions and its more than apt name. We just want more!

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