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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Indie Anthology 49: essential songs

And quickly following the latest one, another tune for our Indie Anthology. This time thanks to my bosses at Indienauta and a recent music read, who made me think, then go back listening, them. Welcome back my dear Nashville underdogs!

Song: Up With People
Artist: Lambchop
Year: 2000

"Countrypolitan" was the extreme weird definition some critics coined for Lambchop's music when their fifth album 'Nixon' surprisingly got praised everywhere in 2000 (if I'm not mistaken, it was proclaimed album of the year here and there). Luckily for me, I jumped on the band's bandwagon with this record, so I didn't know a thing about the alternative country / Americana debate surrounding them. No, to me, they were soul, pure and opulent soul blending with chamber pop, baroque arrangements and retro vibes. Lush, witty and in a singular way, uplifting. All fuelled by 'Up With People' and its eternal charms, which became one of my staple songs at university. The handclaps, the irrepressible backbeat, the relentless Motown bassline, the gospel surrounding Kurt Wagner's dry and deliberate monologue... “Come on, progeny” the songs unfolds in all its glory before slowly fading... and you can't help but keep smiling and whistling the melody. Yes, its a song about ordinary, failing acts & people “We’ll most certainly leave the doing, the doing undone”. But is more a comforting lesson: just laugh at it and keep doing while you try to enjoy the ride. A wonderful advice in less than five glorious minutes.

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