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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Discoverer 100: new indie findings

Who made the 100 post in our discoverer series? The last three bands to reach the landmark of 300 music proposals for your ears only!

The Luxembourg Signal. LA-based, this fantastic new project means the birth of a super-band, featuring members from the great Aberdeen or, most recently, Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars. The origins of the group can be traced almost ten years before, but only after several reunions Johnny Joyner, Beth Arzy and Brian Espinosa started The Luxembourg Signal with Betsy Moyer and Ginny Pitchford, recording the tunes each time Beth visited the States. After the 7" single 'Distant Drive' released in April 2014 by our dear friends of Shelflife Records, on September 30th their debut, self-titled album, will arrive. 10 rich tunes combining dreampop, glimmering pop with a darker twist, shoegazing textures and a talent to knack unbeatable melodies within the noise and guitar drones. Spectacular.
Minipop. Hailing from San Francisco, this group formed a decade ago, when Matthew Swanson joined forces with Tricia Kanne the duo began composing music with a clear '90s vibe like Slowdive or Lush, completing the band shortly afterwards with the addition of Lauren Grubb and Nick Forte. They self-produced debut EP, 'Precious', in late 2005, signing with Take Root Records and releasing their only album to date, 'A New Hope', a year later. Despite the great press and successful tours along with bands like Stellastarr, Film School or Cursive, Minipop has always taken their own path and rhythm to do things. Another EP, 'Automatic Love' arrived in 2010. With the band becoming a trio, now they are back with another EP, 'Chances' out since July. Starry-eyed dreampop, always fuelled with Kanne's irresistible voice. Melodic, spacey and ethereal sounds. The band's name is ironic, for sure. This is huge pop, not mini at all.

WORKING. Hailing from Rhode Island, here's an extremely exciting new group, with a quartet formed by John and Catherine Kolodij, whose previous projects include Aura'd and The Best Wishes, joined by friends Matthew Derby and Mary-Kim Arnold. They just released a debut, digital single on Shelflife Records entitled 'More Weight', announcing they are currently preparing a full length album scheduled for 2015. Three promising tunes of noise pop, C-86 style, recalling Black Tambourine or Velocity Girl, as addictive as the summer season. Great, huge expectations, keep WORKING that good!  

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