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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Indietracks 2014 in brief, day 2

Quickly following the first Indietracks Festival briefing with the summary of what happened in our particular Saturday 26th of July!

The Good
Dean Wareham, indie rock teacher
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Very good bands: Thee AHs are a pretty special group, with quite a unique singer and songs that mute from the 90s to twee to abrasion. Keep an eye on them. Spanish combo Linda Guilala was already recommended in this Blog, and with a reason. Stormy and dreamy music.
Dean Wareham: The clashing drama was resolved by chance. After seeing The Blue Minkies (didn't get them), we couldn't make it to the church, so unfortunately missed Nat Johnson. Then went for The Popguns, but something was missing. So we ended seeing Dean Wareham. And what a great choice it was. There were some sound issues (not the best stage in that sense) and a hot-as-hell indoor stage, but Mr. Wareham and Co. built an in crescendo gig that turned into something gorgeous, heavy on his latest album as well as Galaxie 500 rescues. 'Tugboat' and closing 'Fourth of July' were just mind-blowing.

The Bad
Gruff Rhys singing the story of
John Evans. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Headliner downer: Don't get me wrong. Absolutely nothing against Gruff Rhys. Liked Super Furry Animals and, although haven't followed his solo career, 'American Interior' sounds like a quite attractive, intriguing concept record. But headliner? His performance was more suitable for an intimate venue and not the last gig of the night...
Dusty soccer: Yes, the image of kids playing next to the main outdoor stage under the sunny skies is quite bucolic and says a lot about the relaxed vibe of the Festival. But is quite unhealthy for the ones trying to watch the gigs at the front rows or looking to take some nice pictures of the concerts...

The Queen
Be a Spook! Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Spook School: They aren't reinventing the wheel, but what a hell of a show they delivered on Saturday. Indiepop with a twist, an edge, an attitude. Wildly fun (Niall, the drummer is hilarious and surreal, didn't know you can put a comic show between tunes with a collection of jokes based on sweating, dust... and tofu), engaging, bursting on urgency. Music has to grab you, move you, and The Spook School already know one or two things about that. A driving force on stage.

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