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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Indie Anthology 43: essential songs

The next episode on the Anthology was an easy one. I finally was able to publish the report on the new Dunedin scene for Indienauta, thanks to the patience and support of Fishrider Records and an ace trio of bands part of its hyper-addictive roster. Of course, being New Zealand, and specifically these city, the Flying Nun reference was mandatory. So back to listen all those memorable bands... This little tribute was bound to happen. Sure you'll enjoy...

Song: North by North
Artist: The Bats
Year: 1987 

'Daddy's Highway' is a majestic album, one that will never feel outdated and probably my favourite Flying Nun release. It's pure jangle pop, straight to the heart, with absolutely no filler (they even left out of the album the glorious tune 'Calm Before the Storm'), all pop gems. So why I have chosen 'North by North'? Might be the vocals from the distance. Might the slight touch of darkness in the lyrics. Pretty sure the cascade of shimmering guitars have something to say too. And what about Alastair Galbraith's dancing violin? Oh, that solo is a killer. The whole song has a unstoppable nerve, an irresistible edge, an infinite energy.

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