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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spanish Indie 20: suggesting the best national acts

Our section devoted to national discoveries gets fuelled by guitars with this trio of bands. Not to miss!

Univers. I knew I was going to write about this band again. Coming from Barcelona, the quartet formed in 2011 and in January 2012 they came out with their first digital single, 'Paral·lel', but the first turning point arrived with EP ‘La Pedregada’, released that December on Famèlic. The 7" single ‘Cavall Daurat’, followed in October 2013 and finally, since past March we can enjoy their debut full length, 'L'Estat Natural'. Dreamy shoegaze and dark pop, on a band where noise sounds embraceable and lyrics hidden, infectious music without evidences. This universe awaits you with their unique & irresistible dance...
Linda Guilala. Born from the ashes of Juniper Moon in 2005, Iván y Eva began their new adventure with electricity and their freaky love for Japanese sci-fi movies from the 60-70s (Guilala is a giant odd bird arriving to the Earth from Mars in the film 'The X from Outer Space') as mandatory references. In 2006, band comes out with first self-produced demos and the buzz on Spanish radios begins. In 2009 arrived their debut album 'Bucles Infinitos' on Elefant Records, followed in 2011 with EP 'Paranormal', again with movies as motivation. Transformed into a trio, the group is now back with another EP, 'Xeristar', out since March. 6 tunes where the noisy, no-boundaries, shoegazing formula, is perfected to a mind-blowing extreme. Los Planetas, My Bloody Valentine, Pale Saints, the Reid Brothers... you can add your favourite names to the list... Linda Guilala soon will be among them.  
Boutade. Friends even before music's devil poisoned their bloods, Charlie, Aitor and Uri, have a shared path of glory roads & dusty, lonely avenues. The three musicians from Barcelona have been involved in local bands like Stormyclouds, The Rabo, Sexy Remake, Deus le Volt, Perennial Coventry... since 2003, but in the meantime, Charlie slowly shaped his own collection of songs, creating an album awaiting to be recorded. Finally, all the experiences along the way crystallised in 2011, with the trio reuniting again. Boutade was born, and the pieces Charlie penned finally saw the light of day through 2013. Still unsigned, we now have 'The Best Hunter', conceptual debut LP full of bursting alternative rock where passion roars in deep, introspective vocals, while demons are summoned into swirling guitars. Get ready. The haunt is about to begin.

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