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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Discoverer 93: new indie findings

Sunday means new music proposals at Bloodbuzzed, and here's a trio as diverse as exciting!

Gold-Bears. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, they formed in 2010 when Jeremy Underwood recruited a few friends to play the tunes he'd stockpiled since his former band, Plastic Mastery, called it a day, they quickly released 7" 'Tally' on Magic Marker Records. Another 7", 'Something to Think About' on Cloudberry Records followed in 2011, anticipating their addictive debut LP 'Are You Falling In Love?' on Slumberland. Now, after a split vinyl with Bracelettes on Odd Box Records in 2012 and a somewhat relaxed 2013 working on the studio, they are back with second album 'Dalliance', out this June. Noisy jangly pop with illustrious indie collaborators as Emma Kupa of Standard Fare or Black Tambourine's Pam Berry, full of stomping tunes and a sense of abrasive urgency without losing the melodic talent and catchiness. Pop anthems on the way!
Colin Clary. Known as “The Charming Smitten”, Mr. Clary comes from Burlington, Vermont, and judging by the number of bands he has played / plays with, including The Smittens and Let's Whisper, his work as producer, label and fanzine runner, we could easily say he is the perfect definition of a musicaholic. As tracing his complete discography would deserve a post on its own, I'll focus on his latest solo release, 'Twee Blues Vol.1', just out now on the adorable WeePOP! Records. One of the three final releases before the label says goodbye to all of us, Clary's LP is another immaculate example of why we are going to miss WeePOP! so much. Playful, joyful, tuneful. Beautiful pop music.

Flyying Colours. This Melbourne combo formed in 2011 and they quickly received the attention of the Australian media and audiences thanks to their explosive live shows. Then the tune 'Wavygravy' arrived in early 2013, being quite a radio hit and anticipating their self-titled debut EP, that thanks to the co-release of Club AC30 in the UK and our dear friends at Shelflife Records we can already enjoy worldwide since this March. Propulsive shoegaze and a layered, knockout psych-rock style. Five mind-blowing tunes inviting you to take a colourful, exciting ride... can't wait for their debut album. 

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