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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Discoverer 92: new indie findings

A guitar-driven Sunday today on our music proposals, hope you enjoy!

Burnt Palms. Back to Calfornia. From Seaside comes this trio, formed by Christina Riley and Clara Enkel with the help of Brian Dela Cruz, which in September of 2012 put out an extremely addictive self-titled record (distributed by Very Gun Records as a 12" or by our friends We Were Never Being Boring digitally) despite its short length (not even 20 minutes). While they announce the arrival of their sophomore album, they have just released a split tape with German punk band Gurr. A ridiculously lively collection of tunes, where pop meets punk, garage intensity coexists with shiny vocals, and grunge riffs share space with instant killer melodies. Addictive, addictive, addictive...
Ginnels. Let's move to our beloved Dublin to meet Mark Chester's (Grand Pocket Orchestra & No Monster Club guitarist/bassist) solo project, who is helped on stage by friends Paddy Hanna, Bobby Aherne, Roy Duffy and Ruan Van Vliet. In 2011 arrived their first releases with S/T LP "Ginnels" and the mini-album "Mountbatten Class" via Long Lost Records. A year later Chester recorded "Crowns", a 20-song double album, released on double cassette by Popical Island. The bold statement gave Chester a much deserved attention, fuelled in 2013 when Spanish label Tenorio Cotobade compiled "Plumes", 14 tunes from his previous 3 records plus several online exclusives on vinyl. Now Chester is back with "A Country Life", out since March. Defined as a more focused, less lo-fi, "pure-pop" LP, this is engaging music that combines jangle-pop irresistible melodies with the joyful chaos of Pavement or Elephant 6 bands. Pop jams & brightly loose indiepop.

Expert Alterations. And we end in Baltimore, Maryland, to introduce you to this exciting band formed in 2013, kind enough to approach me to show me their music (member Paul Krolian happens to be Baltimore Popfest's curator, so we love the guy already). They have a phenomenal S/T debut cassette out since February, five tunes where indiepop wonders are delivered with an immediacy & conviction you might think this is a forgotten band from the Flying Nun era. I even hear echoes of early R.E.M. so imagine how excited I am! The band is going on tour supporting The Flatmates and split releases with Wildhoney and Literature are in the works, so... this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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