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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Indie Anthology 38: essential songs

Journalists, critics or humble music writers tend to use words like "essential" or "seminal" quite often (probably too often). But our next "Anthology" song is an undeniably "essential" one, coming from a "seminal" band. A truly indiepop classic. Sometimes you need to get to the source to get some strength...

Song: Throw Aggi Off the Bridge
Artist: Black Tambourine
Year: 1992

Black Tambourine= noisy pop legend. Sweet pop vocals, instant killer melodies and behind a wall of noise. Mix the 90s shoegaze sounds with the humming classic pop of the 60s. Still there's a mystery on it, something genuine that escapes words. Oh, what a tune! I jumped on their bandwagon very late (I live in Spain, I'm sorry) looking for a version of Jesus & Mary Chain with a gentle, nicer voice until I found Pam Berry. But after a decade "Throw Aggi..." remains a timeless gem of a song for me. And a bit more than that. It's a song that, can't really say why, uplifts me, invigorates me, brings me renewed energy. A song that I keep going back anytime I need it.    

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