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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spanish Indie 18: suggesting the best national acts

And another blog section we recover. Some of the best Spanish bands, for your ears only!

Burrito Panza. El Genio Equivocado's has started 2014 just as they ended 2013. On a roll. Hailing from Albacete, behind this peculiar name there’s Carlos Cuevas, Jose Manuel Mora and Carlos Flan from seminal bands like Surfin ‘Bichos, Mercromina, Travolta and Alienistas of Fernando Alfaro. After signing with El Genio first materialized in 2011 with digital single “Tu Lado Salvaje“, followed that same year by highly praised debut LP “Solo y Mal Acompañado“. Expanded to a quartet with the addition of Rafa Caballero, the group has just released their sophomore album, “Una Familia Desestructurada” this February. Classic pop in capital, kaleidoscopic letters (like LP's artwork), on a giant leap forward in what regards to sound, shiny and round despite a slight of darkness on the lyrics. Join the family! 

Matrimonio. Based in Barcelona, Juan Carlos Fernández (Dos Gajos, Penélope Trip) and visual artist Gloria Vilches met in Gijón on the summer of 2011. After a collaboration, love blossomed and as a consequence, also the music. First tunes appeared late 2012, with S/T 7" EP following in November 2013, courtesy of Snap! Clap! Recs. Intimate, irresistible lo-fi pop (self-defined as a devotional blues combo, aren't they lovely?) with intertwined vocals, charming melodies & bittersweet lyrics. With debut LP expected very soon, write down Matrimonio on your agendas! You'll thank me.  
Casa Celia. Discovered at Basia Bulat's latest visit to Barcelona, this restaurant named duo is formed by Rafa de los Arcos, who is the drummer at our dear Manos de Topo, and Elena González Colominas, from Portrait. Active since 2013 they don't have proper releases yet, but the songs you can hear below are so promising this spot is well deserved. Defined by themselves as "little songs", this is confessional indiepop that endures, in the vein of the The New Raemon, with a sense of humour (try to watch them live, Rafa knows how to deal with an audience) and a genuine, melodic charm. Keep an eye on them!

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