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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Indie Anthology 19: essential songs

The next song of our particular Anthology is the perfect tune for the days ahead. September is coming, so a new "natural year" arrives. It's time to think, evaluate what we have done and start again. It's it much better doing so with the help of one of the best Spanish indie bands. Hope you like it!

Song: Mi Año Natural
Artist: La Buena Vida
Year: 2006

I got angry easily when someone tries to convince lyrics don't matter. No, it's not necessary to make "high literature" references in every single verse, or to create a conceptual and dense album just for the sake of being interesting. But I do demand for lyrics that mean something, that can relate with people and people can relate with, and more specifically, to their feelings or/and state of mind. La Buena Vida were/are (it's hard to know whether the band is still active after the tragic death of Pedro San Martín) masters on that particular art. Condensing our thoughts, moods and feelings (some questions too) in the format of 3/4 minutes of  contemplative, delicate and beautiful indiepop/twee-pop. "Mi Año Natural" had all their trademarks: the whispering, sweet voice of Irantzu Valencia, gentle guitars, subtle brass and wind sections, with the accent put on the simplicity and disarming purity of an unforgettable melody. And a lyric capable of saying so much with so little. With the end of August, the time to think over, get up and mature, learning from our mistakes, has arrived...

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