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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Discoverer 38: new indie findings

New trio of wonderful bands discovered for you. Enjoy!

Echo Lake. Some hypes deserve the buzz. Formed in London only two years ago, Thom Hill and Linda Jarvis are the duo (amplified to a five piece live) responsible of the praised debut "Young Silence EP", drawing comparisons to indie totems My Bloody Valentine. Now they return with "Wild Peace", debut album out on Slumberland/No Pain in Pop since June, bound to be included among the best-of-year-lists. More polished and diverse, sometimes closer to guitar indiepop, others to Beach House's ethereal dreampop, always with Jarvis voice shining among the layers and the wall of sound Hill builds around her. The result: "Wild Peace" is a gift for the listener, moody, sonically rich, atmospheric and captivating.
  'Wild Peace' LP (No Pain In Pop/Slumberland, 2012) by Echo Lake

Anaesthetics. I usually ask for more than a couple of songs before including a band on the Discoverer series. But there are times the songs are so great that you need to share them with the world immediately. "Slow Trains/Pulse" is the debut A side single from this Mancunian quartet and both are irresistible indiepop gems. "Slow Trains" being an ultra-catchy tune full of lovely guitar lines and one chorus to die for, all with the A+++ of the boy/girl vocals, while "Pulse" is a more uptempo and rockier number, with the nice addition of an organ beat, and a knock-out closure. Already in love with the band. Want more, more, more!

slow trains by Anaesthetics pulse by Anaesthetics
The History of Apple Pie. Fuzzy, hyper-vitaminated and highly addictive noise pop is what this very young band from London offers us. Two wonderful double sided singles released on 2011, "You're So Cool" and "Mallory" plus the stunning new release of "Do It Wrong/Long Way To Go", out now, are enough to show the promise of band that could blend the best from the American college rock and the C86's spirit: crunching guitars with dazzling pop vocals (careful with the combination of  Stephanie Min and Kelly Lee Owens voices, creates addiction). Eagerly awaiting their next step.

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