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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Discoverer 37: new indie findings

New bands for your enjoyment this Sunday!

Wild Nothing. Being a hype has a very negative, even unfair effect, sometimes. "Gemini" the spectacularly praised 2010 debut album of the young Jack Tatum, the man behind Wild Nothing passed almost unnoticed for me. Just another record among the excessive amount of lo-fi releases. But two years after, the American "one man pop band" (not anymore live) returns with "Nocturne", and this time I have paid attention. And the reward has arrived. Subtle and rich indiepop, gorgeously crafted (hear the harmonies and the haunting guitars please), dreamy, more diverse and enduring.
  Wild Nothing "Shadow" (NEW SONG) by capturedtracks Wild Nothing - Nocturne

The Garlands. The wonderful facebook page Indie Pop Saved My Life is an unmissable reference for any indiepop lover. Thanks to their neverending good taste I have discovered this Swedish band made up in 2007 by Christin Wolderth and Roger Roger Gunnarsson (Free Loan Investments, Happy Birthdays, Nixon, Cloetta Paris). A different line-up live and several releases since 2008 followed, proving their shared passion for bands like Heavenly, Go Sailor! and Talulah Gosh, can bring us joyous moments of vibrant indiepop, like their latest "Open Arms", out (and free) on Shelflife Records, anticipating their forthcoming album.
All We Are. Our third proposal comes from Liverpool, with a trio of musicians who formed this unusual band just a year ago, with a self-released debut EP, and a follow-up, "We Hunt EP" since April 2012, out on Payper Tiger Records. I said unusual group because of their strangely hypnotic sounds, a kaleidoscope of styles, from folk to psychodelia, from minimalistic pop in the vein of XX to the dark, electric dreampop of Warpaint, or the cinematic landscapes of Sigur Ros propelled by the combined vocal harmonies of the three. Fascinating music.
All We Are - We Hunt by All We Are

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