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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Indie Anthology 17: essential songs

Let's start the new month with a superb tune for our Anthology. Another one with a summery vibe, if you ask me, from an amazing, modern classic lost band. Enjoy!

Song: Going Blind
Artist: The Go-Betweens
Year: 2000

Melody. Could you understand music without it? I couldn't. Agreed, mainstream abuse an perverts the idea of a catchy melody so they can stuck in your head easily. But when we talk about indiepop / indierock, is also what can make a tune unforgettable, magic, immortal. Some think its simple, but on the contrary, is the hardest of talents of music. You have or you don't. Robert Forster and Grant McLennan had it. In gigantic doses. After 12 years of hiatus, they delivered "The Friends of Rachel Worth" with the company of Sleater-Kinney members. It was the album that made me discover them, falling forever in love with this shiny, perfect gem of luminous pop penned by the missed Lennan. 

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