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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spanish Indie 9: suggesting the best national acts

New proposals in this section thanks to a new, fundamental release, and some promising Spanish acts that will perform next week at Primavera Sound. Hope you enjoy!

Los Punsetes. Every music scene needs a group like them. Careless, free, fun and brave enough to say what everyone thinks. But even Los Punsetes needed to move on. The band hasn't lost their ability to write verses that feel like punches in the face (hear "Los Tecnócratas" or "Tráfico de Órganos de Iglesia"), but its indeed a farewell to the lo-fi/humorous spirit. "Una Montaña es Una Montaña", their third album, out now, sounds terrific, urgent, more dense and full, with a heavy presence of guitars lines and drums, in a great production from El Guincho. The drift from punk-pop to space-rock style like Los Planetas fits them incredibly well. Los Punsetes are back. Better than ever.

Beach Beach. The great record label La Castanya has hit the spot again with this group from Mallorca. With "Tasteless Peace", released on March, following their first EP “Leeuwnehoek”, Rau Riutort, Tomeu Mulet, Àngel Garau y Lluís Cabot, are confirming the promise: a great, utterly enjoyable dose of sun-baked lo-fi tunes devoted to the 90s American indie-rock, with echoes of Pavement, hints of punk and an occasional tropical vibe that recalls Vampire Weekend, always with guitars and percussions smelling like summer. A great option to see them live at Primavera Sound this week.

Mujeres. Our third proposal is also going to be playing next week at Primavera Festival. And its an option that should be very carefully considered, as with their second album, "Sof Gems" out since March by Sones (another very good label), the band has perfected their proposal to a knockout garage-rock with traces of surf and classic sounds that makes them being not only at the top of their game, but also on the forefront of the national independent scene. Their music is ridiculously addictive, as all the good music should be.
Mujeres "Soft Gems"

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