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Friday, May 25, 2012

More Primavera Sound als Bars with Partido!

Few days before the Primavera Sound Festival begins! Here's another taste of some the previous gigs coming next week!

Partido. Absenta Bar, Barcelona, May 22nd
Partido at Absenta Bar.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed

Among the names listed for the Primavera als Bars, a great parallel activity prior to the start of the Festival, I was looking forward to this gig, as the impression they gave me live at Festival Plaça Odissea last year was terrific. Then I checked what was available in their web and confirmed the feeling of having discovered a "real band", with a solid music proposal in their hands/mind. On Tuesday, Víctor Partido and company reinforced that impression.

Close-up of Victor Partido.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The Absenta Bar, a very tiny venue for the amount of crowd gathered for the gig (can't imagine the level of discomfort and sweat of the people in the corridor) become something comparable to a sauna. But Partido were capable of making us focus just in the music. Sure, their proposal is not going to shake the foundations of music in terms of originality, but their folk-rock, deeply rooted into the Americana style, is not that frequent in Spain, and most importantly, it is played with an honesty and passion that makes the band stand out from the majority of their peers.

Another pic of the gig.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The most rewarding for me was realising how much care and work there's on the songs. In particular on melodies, which their new album, "Leaving All Behind", just out now, is plenty. Thanks to that, tunes like "Jesus" or "Not Full of Anger" or the great "Carnival", can mute, evolve, go in many directions, amplifying their folk-rock ground. Traces of Wilco, The Jayhawks, Neil Young, but also from Big Star ("Happy Birthday" is a colossal song) or Mojave3. Great referral names, I know. But the comparisons are deserved. Partido is an excellent band. Go check "Leaving All Behind" as soon as you can. And watch them live if you have the chance. You'll thank me.

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