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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Indie Anthology 12: essential songs

Back with the Anthology after some weeks, focused on hearing as many bands as possible from the Primavera Sound 2012 line-up. But on the last days a much needed Spanish band has returned: I'm referring to Los Punsetes with "Una Montaña es una Montaña", their third album, so they made me remember their very peculiar hymn. Very appropriate in the current "state of affairs"...

Song: Tus Amigos
Artist: Los Punsetes
Year: 2010

You know when you would really like to say things openly, but circumstances, fear, doesn't allow you to do so? Yeah, its better to keep relations in a diplomatic, politically correct way. But how liberating is being able to express your frustration, discomfort with how life is treating you and your partner lately. Many times, a song can help, become the vehicle for letting these sort of feelings go out. Los Punsetes condensed all their proverbial nastiness into a straightforward, crystal clear, and in that sense relieving lyric singing what we all think but we don't dare to say when we are fed up with people/work, and we just want to hide away with our beloved one. Behind an indie-pop tune with crispy guitar lines you'll find lines like "Que le den por culo a tus amigos" or "Tu trabajo me toca las pelotas". Sing it out, loud and clear and give yourself a break.

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