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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pegasvs, machines going pop in Barcelona

Pegasvs (+ Y). Music Hall, Barcelona, April 12th

Pegasvs in action. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
This concert review is going to be quite biased, as electronic and krautrock music are not my field of (modest) expertise. So me being part of the audience can only be explained by three factors: someone "pushing" me to go, a ridiculously cheap price (reasonable prices, more tickets sold, see?), and of course, the highly addictive Pegasvs homonym debut album. 

Y, support act of the night.
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
On a quite full Music Hall (is a very small venue, but still quite remarkable considering there were many concerts going on in Barcelona), showing the considerable buzz Pegasvs are making with their record, the night started with the (gig, performance, session?, sorry for my lack of knowledge) of the support act Y (seems it was their debut live). During a set that lasted more than 30 minutes, this local duo sounded like a mixture between Kraftwerk and the annoyingly ubiquitous Chromatics, thanks to the also annoying "Drive", to me. But again, electronic is not an area where I can make a lot of comparisons.

Luciana della Villa
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
After Y, the turn arrived for Pegasvs, officially presenting their LP live. But for a show advertised as an special occasion, Sergio Pérez and Luciana della Villa their performance wasn't that special. Songs were executed with precision, sounding very close to the album versions. For a non-electronic music fan, that was great, because what makes "Pegasvs" a fantastic album is that behind the Motorik rhythms and machines, the tunes sound pop, with explosive and fascinating melodies like "La Melodía del Afilador" (amazing), "Sobre las Olas" or "Atlántico". But it was also a bit disappointing, as their technically irreproachable performance was quite flat in terms of connection with the audience, giving credit to the ones saying electronic is cold. But that's something that can be corrected, experience will solve it. And it's way more easier when, like Pegasvs, you have the songs. See you again pretty soon!

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