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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New music videos from Arctic Monkeys, Garbage, Miles Kane, Lambchop and The Shins!

New music videos today, for your viewing and listening pleasure! An in crescendo proposal, in 5 steps until reaching the perfect match of music and images, always in my modest opinion, while we check some of the newest music arrivals.

Step 1. Uninspired song and video
Arctic Monkeys: "R U Mine?"
You all know I like the Monkeys, and that "Suck It and See" was among my favourite records of 2011, but this new tune is quite mediocre, and the clip is, simply, silly. Scared to hear Alex Turner's plans to do next album immediately with this song as the pattern. Please no.

Step 2. So-so song with a nice video
Garbage: "Blood for Poppies"
Ok, Garbage wouldn't really fit in this blog anymore, but I admit I was curious to hear them back after such a long hiatus (remembrance of my teenage years). "Blood for Poppies" is not going to change any music standard or give Shirley Manson and Co. a second chance for assaulting "music stardom", but at least the video is quite suggestive with the homages to classic cinema, Luis Buñuel's references included.

Step 3. Uninspired video for a nice song
Miles Kane: "First of My Kind"
The leading song of the forthcoming EP from Miles Kane, to be released on the Record Store Day is another addictive track on the vein of "Colour of the Trap". The video, with Miles Walking through Paris and London is quite insipid, but this guy knows how to create a cracking chorus and an engaging, straightforward melody.

Step 4. Good video for an amazing song
Lambchop: "2B2"
"Mr. M", the latest Lambchop's effort is fated to be included among the best records of the year (review coming soon on the blog), and "2B2" is one of the most compelling gems you will find on it. The clip for the tune might not be very original, as it is conformed by several moments of their recent (sniff sniff, missed) European tour, but it works as the elegant and warm piece such a beautiful song deserves. Thanks, again, Kurt Wagner.    

Step 5. Amazing video and song
The Shins: The Rifle's Spiral
And finally, one of my favourite tunes from The Shins "Port of Morrow", with a visually stunning clip that immerses us, thanks to the imagination of Emmy-winning director Jamie Caliri. Surreal stop-motion animation that is also an obvious homage to Edward Gorey’s illustrations. Superb.

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