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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Indie Anthology 10: essential songs

For the 10th song in our Anthology (a little landmark on its own) a very dear one. A happy, fun and shiny tune that brings back to mind nice old memories and friends. Its a decade a long time? Not for history books, but I guess it can be quite a lot for a kid.

Song: Jane
ArtistElf Power
Year: 1999

Well, 12 years ago, alternative music had a chance on Spanish TV and in that stupid-reality show-channel named MTV today. Me, my brother, and my best friend watched the "indie hour" at 23:00 pm everyday, writing down our favourite tracks to discuss them and begin the band research. How many did we discover? Many didn't survive the proof of time, but some tunes remain as a testimony of how we were haunted by music. Like the uplifting "Jane", from the first second, with its irresistibly melodic fanfare, a bouncy, addictive dose of psychedelic bubblegum pop, Elephant 6 collective's style. 12 years, and hearing "Jane" still brings a smile to my face. That's what a great tune can do.

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