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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spanish Elections Results: and the real parliament is...

1. The Congress shall consist of a minimum of three hundred and a maximum of four hundred Members, elected by universal, free, equal, direct and secret suffrage, under the terms to be laid down by the law.
Section 68, Spanish Constitution

... A total fake. Sorry folks, but equal? That's, frustratingly, not true. The results of Sunday's parliamentary elections prove it. The axiom one person, one vote, is false in Spain. On the previous graphic (sorry they are in Spanish, but they are quite clear in my opinion) it is showed how much does a seat "cost" depending on the party. The variations are so disproportionate (thanks to the unacceptable criteria of the circumscription divisions in provinces) that the whole system HAS to be questioned.

This second graphic estimates how would have been the results of Spanish elections with a proportional system. In this case, there wouldn't be a conservative (extreme right if you ask me) absolute majority, and the deserved socialist electoral setback would have been even worse. The system has given Mariano Rajoy's PP their absolute majority, not Spaniards. Never forget that. I'm not saying the electoral system has to be a pure proportional one, but it is clear that what we have now doesn't represent equally the voters-citizens of this country. So where's the political legitimacy then? What a shame. We have to fight to change this.

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