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Friday, November 11, 2011

First confirmations for Primavera Sound Festival 2012

The 2012 Festival's rumble has officially started. Benicàssim Festival shot first with The Stone Roses, and today the Primavera Sound organization confirmed the first seven line-up names for the twelfth edition of the Festival in Barcelona, from the 30th May until 3rd June, and first in Porto, the following week.

Honestly, for me this initial round has been a bit disappointing, especially if compared with last year. No offence, the seven names are great indie proposals, some cult artists indeed, but Björk and Neon Indian are not my taste, Codeine's slowcore is not very appealing in principle, and with Yo La Tengo I have never been capable to maintain my interest further than a few songs. On the good side, I'm intrigued with Guided By Voices, that I'll hear thoroughly and Other Lives, on my Discoverer radar the last months. Sure, I should be excited by the confirmation of Jeff Mangum, but as it has been announced in the PS forum, he will play at the auditorium twice, like Sufjan Stevens did on May. So having the chance to see him seems unlikely... I was hoping for Mazzy Star, Feist or Beirut. Umm my PS12 sweepstake hasn't started in a very promising way. Well, no worries, so many names have to be announced... it will get better! 

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